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BC Rising. Together We Rise.

We are BC Rising

Learn more about BC Rising, and how you can be a part of our expanding team.


BC Rising is a group of leaders across BC standing strong together for our communities, our province, our country, and the world.  We were inspired by the actions and connections made by Freedom Rising. 

Freedom Rising is a successful Canada-wide initiative where leaders across the country have met since 2021 to strengthen the efforts of individuals, organizations, independent media, and citizen journalists. As a result, hundreds of individuals and groups are working together more collaboratively and effectively. We are excited to announce that BC Rising has been created for leaders to facilitate a similar type of momentum right here in our beloved province of British Columbia.

BC Rising will strive to embrace the efforts and values of the nationwide Freedom Rising, with the intention to build connections across the province of BC and to focus on issues and initiatives specific to BC. We invite you to join BC Rising where we meet weekly to discuss topics, strategies and initiatives across BC. 

a. We facilitate conversation and share resources.
b. We are equipping leaders to be strong, bold and courageous.
c. We amplify organizations in BC that support freedom and respect.
d. Overall our theme is to research and present factual and evidence based information & discuss together issues, solutions and action steps.

We provide opportunities, tools and support to help people connect with others.

We are proud to show numbers

Check out some of our numbers —  we have thousands of team members, in dozens of regions, holding hundreds of meeting, and developing a growing number of initiatives.

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