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Starting April 16, 2024 – Join each Tuesday at 7:30pm weekly online info sessions with Q&A for the public, at this zoom link:

NEW 2024 Spongy Moth Spray Proposed Dates

*Download your local Fact Sheet (includes spray & buffer zone map) above.

  • April 27 or 28: Langley
  • April 27 or 28: Tsawwassen
  • April 29-May 2: Saanich (Gorge-Tillicum)
  • April 29-May 2: Esquimalt/Victoria West
  • April 29-May 2: North Saanich (Ardmore)
  • April 29-May 2: Colwood (Belmont)
  • May 3 or 4: Cowichan Bay
  • May 3 or 4: Salt Spring Island
  • May 6 or 7: Kamloops
  • May 6 or 7: West Kelowna
  • May 10: Nanaimo (Hammond Bay)
  • May 10: Qualicum Beach
  • May 22 & 23: Cranbrook

Foray 48B Fact Sheets and Downloadable Flyer Images for 13 BC Communities planned for moth spraying April to June 2024

Template to print and fill out for any non-BC Communities spraying:


BC Groups Online

  • – Cranbrook details,  references, letters, and actions to help find solutions – all can be applicable to other locations.
  • – links to many reports, documents and letters in regards to pesticides including Foray 48B
  • KCSA: Kelowna Citizens Safety Association
  • Communities United for Clean Air (CUFCA)


Specific documents of interest

  • – July 1995 – 40 pages of over 150 points on the issues with the spray
    • Bt is not naturally in the soil as stated, it is there due to historical spraying
    • Bt resistance is now found in moths, so no longer useful
    • The amount of hidden ingredients 97% to 87% MAY include but not limited to:
      • Sodium Hydroxide (caustic soda) = corrosive, drain opener, mask needed
      • Methyl Paraben – synthetic toxic compound causing birth defects – FDA says requires further study
      • Potassium Phosphate – corrosive to skin, mucous membranes and can cause ulcers
    • Untreated moth infestations seen to collapse naturally after 2 years.  Its high reproductive rate cause its collapse the following year.  Without spraying.  The spraying shows surviving insects produce as many new eggs masses after spraying, as existed before spraying.
  • – April 1997 – Results – STOP Spraying group listing many reasons

Spongy Moth Spraying


Permits and Maps where spraying will take place in BC communities soon:

Spongy Moth Detections in BC Communities:

What is Btk?


Foray 48B Label:


Peer-reviewed paper:  – Shows increase in the Btk bacteria in humans

Peer-reviewed paper: Quote: “The present study strongly indicates that residues of B. thuringiensis-based insecticides can be found on fresh fruits and vegetables and that these are potentially enterotoxigenic”. Enterotoxic means a toxin produced by bacteria that is specific for intestinal cells; causes vomiting and diarrhea associated with food poisoning. A cytotoxin specific for the cells of the intestinal mucosa.

Health Canada Injury Reporting from Foray 48B spraying:

Just 3 of the many included in the above report details – note there is no proper reporting system, these are just people who realized that the spray could be causing this and reported it themselves:

1.) 2015-04-17 Aerial spraying. Husband sprayed directly trying to get to the car to go to work. 2015-04-30 Aerial spraying. Husband sprayed directly just trying to get to the car to go to work. 2015-05-01 Husband sprayed directly again just trying to get to the car to go to work. He has a headache and upset stomach over two days.

2.) 2015-04-27 Woke up unable to control my eyes, they kept shooting to the right, both of them. Took a few minutes to gain control. So out of the ordinary, remarked to my husband on how strange it was. Continued with previous symptoms but now problems in lungs, bronchitis. A lot of trouble breathing. 2015-04-28 Feel like I’m suffocating. Had previous prescription for inhalers. Too sick to walk to pharmacy a short few blocks away, husband filled prescription for inhalers for asthma, bronchitis. Still a lot of trouble breathing. 2015-04-29, Still feeling ill effects. Trouble breathing, inhalers begin helping somewhat but still a lot of coughing, my lungs hurt. 2015-04-30 Im still having trouble breathing. Spraying stopped approximately 7:00am. Walked to see doctor at 8:00am. Saw friend walking daughter to school. We could all taste the spray and the smell invaded our noses. Kids, parents, people everywhere as they are going to school and work. I could feel droplets from the sky hit my skin and it wasn’t raining. This was an hour after spraying ceased. Saw doctor who couldn’t test for pathogens as no idea as to what as in the spray. Confirmed I was suffering from allergic reaction. Registered myself and familty with (name) as ill from spraying of Foray 48B. (name) opens a case study file. 2015-05-02 Started experiencing sporadic, repeated eyelid twitching and muscle twitching in legs. This continues until May 15 2015.2015-05-12 I am still suffering from coughing, breathing issues, runny nose. I called Health Canada in Ottawa, refered to Pesticide Compliance Program in Ottawa who had their Burnaby B.C office call me later in the morning. Received call from Shaun Dhaliwal, Regional Pesticide Officer in Burnaby. After the spraying stopped I wore face protection when hosing down entire property, felt sick to my stomach and more coughing when finished. 2015-05-13 Woke up with sore throat, runny nose, coughing ,fatigue. Principal for grandchildren’s elementary school off work due to vomiting. The school is a five minute walk from our home. 2015-05-14 Still have coughing, runny nose and sore throat. 2015-05-15 Bad sore throat, runny nose, coughing. Daughter also still suffering from sore throat. Children have runny noses.

3.) Aerial spraying. repeated low level and high level. Spray haze hanging in the air for hours – looks like fog. Helicopters repeatedly spraying homes, land. So much spray on car windows, couldn’t see out. Had to wash off before driving. Air reeks of chemicals. 2015-05-09 Realized the spraying would take place over the (name) Flea Market on one of their busiest days of the year – Mothers day. The Flea Market opens at 4:00am to vendors, set up from 4:00 am to the opening to the general public at 6:00am. I attempted to contact the city (name) and provincial government contacts to stop the spraying on Sunday. No response from anyone. 2015-05-08 Messages not returned so I called and finally reached [name] of the B.C. Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources Operations. When I asked when the Ministry was going to announce the cancellation of the remainder of the spray program due to the multitude of people indicating adverse health effects from the spray, he said I could keep waiting that there were no plans to cancel. [Name] didn’t seemed phased at all by problems the general public was having. He kept referring to Health Canadas approval of Foray 48B and that it was safe. [Name] confirmed the spraying would take place starting Sunday. May 1, 2015 in our area (location) from 5:00am to 7:30am. (name) also said the principals of schools in the spray areas were notified of the spraying program and the decision to wash down playgrounds was left up to them. From my understanding no additional funding was provided to the schools for clean up. Spraying times often did not leave enough time to perform clean up prior to the start of school. Children continue to play on contaminated equipment.

Ideas For Current Actions
  1. Email BC Ministry of Forests, Tim Ebata:
  2. Email BC Environment Climate office:
  3. Email BC Local MLA: _________________________
  4. Email Local Mayor: _________________________
  5. Email Dr. Tynan, M.D. at to join other community efforts.
  6. Sign the BC Petition: Change.ORG – Delay and Reconsider BC Spongy/Gypsy Moth Spraying
  7. Share this information with your neighbours.


Files Not Accessible Online – links to documents directly
Health Canada – Many Incidents Reports On Site
Health Canada – Log of Dates/Incidents Summary
CREC – Concerns and details and evidence (no links exist anymore) against the spray
Courtenay Letter – Concerns and evidence of spraying from Gov’t
Downloads & Resources

We will add downloadable resources here as we collect them

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